If I never do anything but dance.. I'd be fine with that.


Last night I danced on a stage I've never been on before. In front of people that I don't know [with the exception of two]. With people that feel the same way about dance that I do.

And it was one of the most wonderful feelings I've experienced.

1] & 2] imgfave 
3] Me - photo by Eve Photography


Kiersten said...

Love the new profile :) And great photos as well!
I completely agree that dancing feels wonderful - even though I'm terrible at it, and only do it in the privacy of my room, with music turned up and my roommate gone at class or something. Still so much fun!
<3 Kiersten

Kiersten said...

Also - just noticed that you posted the link to my page on your page - thanks so much for that! :)
<3 Kiersten

Nicole Jeannette said...

These are really pretty! :)

ailinh harris said...

Awesome photos. Go you for dancing! I am rhythmically challenged. I wish I had some skills in moving my body to the beat somehow. I've tried, I've failed. *Sigh*, ah well.

Kelly said...

Beautiful! Isnt it Incredible how dancing can make you feel?