No, we did not have hot dogs..


Coney Island
More popular than I thought. Although I've heard of the place, I didn't know much about it except for the fact that it had a beach. And also that it was the home of "Nathan's Hog Dogs." Unfortunately we were 8 days early for their National Hot Dog eating contest. Darn.

From the subway, we could see the amusement park section of this very crowded attraction. Other families and young teenagers stood beside us staring out the window as though we were all five again. I have to admit, it was exciting, [even though I now consider most of those rides nauseating instead of thrilling.]

We headed straight for the beach and spent about 3 1/2 - 4 hours on our towels. It was hard to find a spot and the sand was the hottest that I have ever felt sand. You know how annoying it is to walk through the sand with flip flops on? Usually I do everything in my power to take my shoes off once I hit the sand. It hits you on the back of your legs and you feel like everyone is watching you saying "why is she walking like that." But today, the sand was so hot that I had to endure the looks and sand in my shorts. As I sit here now, I swear I can still feel it burning the bottom of my feet.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach, among reading, sleeping and swimming, is watch people. Especially children. It's the one time that they can usually be amused with one toy. A shovel and the sand. Today I watched one boy play in a huge mound of sand, with his little blue boat for at least fifteen minutes. It was adorable. He didn't complain, get bored or start crying because someone took his toy. He was completely content. Playing all by himself. Maybe the parents at the beach should take lessons from their children. But that might have been too much to ask of them. Since they seemed so preoccupied with more important things than their children.
The least they could do is pretend to be a responsible parent. I can't tell you how many kids I saw by themselves. Most of them could barely walk on their own, let alone remember where their parents were sitting. One of the umbrellas that was set up close to us, shaded a little boy and his father. Most of the time that they were there, they played in the sand. The boy was maybe two years old. MAYBE. At one point, I looked up from my book and saw that he was alone. I immediately scanned the crowd for his father, thinking that maybe he was visiting with someone that he knew nearby. Nope. I couldn't find him. Then the poor little boy was in tears. I searched again for a man who is the nationality of pretty much everyone there. Kind of reminiscent of the "Where's Waldo" books. When I was about to get up and look harder/go comfort the boy/make sure he didn't get up and look for his dad, the father reappeared. Walking from the water to his son, he seemed to be looking at him like "Why are you crying? What's the matter?"
There were several times today just like this, when Alivia and I would look at each other with the same confused expressions. And although I really don't want to go on a rampage, it really makes me mad that people like this can reproduce. No. It TERRIFIES me!

Anyway. There's nothing I can really do about that. Except say that I will never, EVER do that to my children. Or let my friends do that to their children.

So to illustrate the beauty of our wonderful getaway..

[A really cute father and daughter built this. I think it's.. a rabbit??]

We decided that we aren't going to do anything tomorrow. Except maybe laundry. That will definitely become a weekend chore for me. As well as returning to Coney Island as often as possible. Hey.. every girl needs the beach : )

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone <3>


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Looks like you two had fun, I'm so happy about that!! Remember 6 days ago when you didn't know what bus to take?!! Look at you now!! AWESOME!! ((HUGS))

Christine! said...

YAYAYAYYAYAY...Beautiful and relaxing and fun!!! You girls are amazing! keep making this adventure a wonderful memory that you will never forget!

Anonymous said...

So happy that you had such a great day...things are really getting so much better....I really like some of you pictures...the camera was a great you....Mom