a big [blog] hug


Thank you Thank you Thank you

To followers, both new and old [but loved dearly, of course] for sharing your love recently. I was beginning to doubt my blogs' attention-getting ability, so I want you to know that your comments mean this blog still exists. 
~ To show my appreciation to those newbies ~

Please visit them and share the love.
Give your new followers a [blog] hug by sharing their pages in a post like this. 
Keep those blogs alive!

Happy snow day ; ) 


Kiersten said...

First of all, thank you so much Nicole!
And you're so welcome - I love your blog and enjoy reading every post, so I'm so happy you haven't decided to stop posting!! I would hate to see you go.
<3 Kiersten

Nicole Jeannette said...

Aww! Thanks, Nicole! :) I love your blog! Keep it up :)

Alivia said...

This is lovely! ((((BIG Blog hugs!!))))