Because it's the day after Wednesday


And we're all a bit awkward & awesome!

The awkward turtles:
The way I just titled that..
Buying "those certain items". We know it shouldn't be embarrassing, but regardless, it always is.
Being in between moods. You're not happy, you have no reason to be sad, maybe you're a little tired, but you just feel.. blah. Ihatethem. Ihatethem. Ihatethem. But I'm tend to be in them often.

The "totally awesome dudes":
Being weird. Come on! That's totally awesome!
Easter is Sunday. That means quality time with The Easter Bunny.. I mean, The Family..
Cooking yummy dinners & being satisfied with the way it tasted.
Having family over to eat the yummy dinners!
Dance performances! Being in them. Watching them. And partying after them.
Cadbury Mini Eggs. The. End.
Finding new blogs. It's like finding treasure!
Boyfriend's school vacation & my semi-week off. All this week, we've been tackling our homeowner projects. Its been so nice to spend extra time with him & be productive at the same time.

 I can imagine D and I having a bus like this someday. And that's pretty awesome. 
{Happy Thursday}


j. said...

Hi nicole! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Can't wait to get to know you better! Xo, j.

my abc soup said...

I want it!

Cute blog! Following =)


Tori said...

Happy Thursday Nicole! Found you through Sarah's blog post yesterday :) Love how the pepto colored bus matches the blooms on the trees . . . and is that a hot pink AC cover on the building in the back?

Kelly said...

Cadbury eggs are my down fall! A serving size is the whole bag...right?