totally slacking..


So I haven't updated all of my lovely friends & family since Sunday/Monday. And I apologize. Here are some of my favorite memorable moments from this week. Summed up in an unorganized list [maybe more like paragraph form]..

In Dunham class on Tuesday, Ms. Peters called me out. She made me do something across the floor by myself, because I was "taking too many steps." I felt like a dummy and then more like a dummy when I got teary eyed after she finally felt bad and accepted my sorry, sorry "hop-step" of a mess.

On Wednesday, after a long day of dancing, and dealing with little girls who are immature and think no one can see or hear them when they laugh and point at people that are dancing, we came home. 
[Oh. But before we could come home we had to deal with getting called an inappropriate name because we didn't droll over  some man's so called "compliment." Give. Me. A. Break. Seriously.]

As I was about to take a very cold and relaxing shower, our toilet decided to empty all of it's contents onto the bathroom floor. There was a lot of yelling & not nice words.  We don't have a plunger or any tools, which made it a little more challenging to fix it. Not impossible. We just had to scavenge through the apartment for objects long and narrow enough to fit down the toilet. For now it is being held together with a spatula. Awesome. Luckily Dana is coming tomorrow and is bringing a whole new floater kit. He is so sweet & I love him more everyday.

So yeah. That's what's been going on in the lives of the two twenty-two year old's living without a plunger.

Stay tuned.. 
many more exciting events could take place in the next eight days : )

You never know with us..

Love you all so much & can't wait to see you!


Christine! said...

Good thing you named your toilet not too long ago...Theresa was it?

nicole said...

Yup. It's easier to yell at her because she has a name!!