Weekend number six..


Arrival of boyfriend, despite nasty tornado. CHECK!
Successful order of fries, calzone & sandwiches. CHECK! 
Trip to The Museum of Natural History. CHECK!
Visiting NYC bars, catching up & laughing with our friend Paul. CHECK, CHECK!


These are some of the pictures that I took at the museum. I would have taken more, but it was so hard to stop and take pictures when there was so much to focus on. Not to mention fighting through what seemed like millions and millions of people. I'm sure Alivia took more than me, so make sure you visit her blog when she posts them!

 [Didn't mean to catch that kid in the photo. But it's kind of cute!]

 I think that if you plan on coming to visit the museum, you're going to need two days. Unless you don't want to see every exhibit. We spent about three hours there and probably only saw about half of the museum. It was wonderful though. And air conditioned. This weekend it was about 100 degrees, so the museum was a very popular escape from the heat. The animal and dinosaur exhibits were my favorite : )

Even though I know that The Night at The Museum wasn't filmed in the actual museum, I was sort of hoping to see a teeny, tiny connection between the two. I kept looking for the Teddy Roosevelt/Robbin Williams replica. Hmph.

We decided that we had enough fun this weekend to make up for all of the other laid back, "I-don't-feel-like-leaving-the-apartment" weekends. And "fun" might even be an understatement for our Saturday night escapade : )


We're starting our last week at Ailey tomorrow. Well, I guess we sort of started it tonight. We had to go to the school for about an hour for our tech rehearsal [with lights and costumes on stage]. It's hard to believe that six weeks have gone by already. I'm excited to come home, but I know that I will definitely be missing some parts of this wonderfully, lively, [very dirty] City!
For now, the things I will not miss:

smelly trash on the hot side walks
walking 14 blocks to class
almost getting run over by cabs - even if it's our turn to walk!
getting yelled, whistled, and winked at [and not in a flattering way]
our very hot apartment
the five flights of stairs [64 stairs to be exact.. but who's counting?!]
 no counter space
not having laundry on the same floor that we live
dodging/slamming into people who aren't paying attention
paying $5.99 for the smallest box of cereal

I hope that in the past six weeks, you haven't mistaken my complaining/aggravation as ungratefulness. Because I don't think I could be more thankful to have been able to live here. To dance here. To do what I love everyday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I missed my family at our annual family picnic today. The food is always so amazing. And as usual, it rained during the bocce tournament. [I swear it happens every year!]


Alivia said...

Six dollars for a bitty baby cereal. OY that's annoying. Oh well, as long as the milk's not spoiled, I bet it will taste delicious! :)

Christine! said...

you forgot, the always on oven/stove, the awesome paint job...weird doll thing in the living room...your toilet...

haha. but without its quirks you wouldnt have had the wonderful experience you have had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!