Days thirteen, fourteen & fifteen


Sorry that I am slacking on the daily posts. As I'm sure you can imagine, we have been really busy. And by the time we get home, the last thing I want to do is sit and stare at the computer screen. But today, I might be able to find a little energy.

Since my last post I have been on the most nauseating, emotionally and physically draining roller-coaster

MONDAY - A great start to the week. I was so happy to be dancing at the most prestigious modern dance school in the world. Classes were entertaining for the most part, and I felt satisfied with the way the summer was shaping out to be.

TUESDAY - Ballet & Dunham. Alivia and I were excited to have two classes instead of four (like Mondays and Wednesdays). We were wrong. As of now, three or four classes on MW&F are a breeeeeeze compared to the "easy" two that we thought we had on T/TH.
First of all, before we even got to our 9:00 class, we had a workout. The bus got stuck in ridiculous traffic and we pretty much sprinted 14 blocks to Ailey. When I got there, I was frazzled and already sweating. Although our ballet teacher is so cute with her accent, I thought that the class was kind of boring. It seems like people in our level three (out of six) ballet class, don't know the basic ballet technique, or they are simply just too lazy to try. I haven't figured out which it is. It's so annoying. But the teacher of our T/TH class (Mrs. Mario), seems to think that everyone needs to go back and review level one. Ugh. I can't help but be irritated. I'm both expecting and desperately hoping that the class gets more difficult next week. I hate being bored (especially when I'm paying a lot of money.)
We have an hour and a half break between our two classes. We get to eat lunch and change for our next class. Dunham. The school should seriously consider changing the name to "Boot Camp." Because that's what it is. It's not dance. We do not move around gracefully with beautiful expressions of joy and freedom on our faces. That doesn't exist from 12:00 - 1:30 on T/TH. There really is no way to describe the class other than to say there is a lot of moaning, grunting, swearing under the breath, painful expressions and gripping knuckles on the barre. The teacher stays in her chair the entire time (She is one of three in the world approved by Katherine Dunham to teach her technique!) and bangs her stick on the floor.

WEDNESDAY - We took our usually 7:49 bus - however it took us an hour just to get to the Lincoln Tunnel (usually only a five minutes drive).
Needless to say we missed our first class.
And we were mad.
This pretty much ruined my whole day.
Until I got to West African. Because I love that class. The drums. The free movement and the smile on our teacher's face when he sees that we are doing something wrong. I love his accent and the way he describes the steps. We get to be a part of the "Summer Sizzler" which is the show at the end of the program with our West African class. I'm really excited.

THURSDAY - Overall, it was a pretty good day. Ballet was still irritating. I didn't sweat which makes me feel like I didn't work hard enough. I fight for room to dance among all the girls who clearly have no sense of spacial awareness. Although, I think at least six or seven girls are being moved to another level which will give us more room!
Boot Camp was just as difficult as the first day, contrary to some expectations. However, at least this time I knew that I was about to be tortured to no end.


*In other news - our boyfriends are coming to see us for the weekend. I'm excited to see Dana, hopefully go out to eat (for the first time since we've been here), and watch the fireworks from the shore of the Hudson River on Sunday night. I will take lots of photos to share with all of you.
And we don't have class on Monday which we were really happy about. We get to sleep in : )

Enjoy the Fourth of July weekend!


Alivia said...

I can't explain how excited I am for the weekend! <3 :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy deserve it! love you! mz

Britt Slips said...

Cant wait to see all the photos of your NYC 4th!!! Have a great weekend!!