writing it down


Today I'm linking up with Joelle from Something Charming! She has asked us to show off our handwriting. I must tell you that I was one of those girls in high school that would practice her signature all over her notebooks. And to take it one step further, I would go home after school and re-write class notes because I didn't like my handwriting. Still to this day I re-write do-to lists and notes because the sight of a scribble or funny looking letter makes me want to vomit.

So here's what Joelle asked us to share. If you wanna link up, you can too. Right. Here.

Happy Tuesday!


Jacki said...

Nicole, I too love fine point sharpies and used to re-write notes if I didn't like how they looked! So funny :) Your handwriting is adorable! What a fun post. I might link up too!

melody-mae said...

Very pretty handwriting indeed!

Allyssa said...

Your writing is perfect!

I rewrite notes and lists all the time too :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the sharpies! So glad they come in tons of colors now.

Your handwriting is soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty handwriting!!

My favorite pen to write with is those ones that were once a water bottle.... Ooooooo they write sooo smoothly!!

Feminine 23 said...

wow, this is great handwriting. And a little doodle make the note super cute :)