Carlo's Bake Shop.. Check.


Yes. The well known bakery from TLC's "Cake Boss." It's in Hoboken, NJ, which is a town over from where we live. It only took us a few minutes to get there & was totally worth the hour we waited in line. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..
Sorry. I had to. This is for you Dad!
Lisa Gonzalez - Youngest of the Valastro sisters!

We got off the bus at 5:15pm and got right in line. It stretched about a block and although every one else would rather complain [about the heat & supposedly 2 hour wait], we were totally excited! Time passed quickly and we got our tickets. Number 29 & 30. According to if we were paying together or separate. It was just as small inside as I expected it would be, however I couldn't believe how many people they wanted to cram in there. I would have rather waited outside then be pushed up against someone I've never seen before. Anyway. It gave us enough time to squeeze in between people to see all of the goodies. There are no signs to identify each delicious pastry or price tags. I guess once you're in there it doesn't matter how much everything is because they know that you don't want to leave empty handed and that you are going to buy something. Obviously.

This is what I decided to get:
1 cannoli
1 eclair
1 lobster tail [sfogliatella]
 If I had known that it was only going to be $8.00 all together, I would have gotten more. 
Oh. Well. Guess that means I'll have to go back next weekend : )


carpediem said...

yayyayayaya :) i love carlo's bake shop!

AMPED art said...

MMMmmmm... are you going to post a review of how everything tasted next?! I am still dying for a lobster tail, and I'm not even pregnant anymore LOL... Maybe I will make a roadtrip one of these days!!

alyssa lynn said...

okay for 1. you and alivia look like sticks and should proabably eat EVERYTHING in that bake shop!

and for 2. i'm super jealous you guys got to go. i hope everything was super tasty and you should probbbbably send some yummy pastries up north :)

Anonymous said...

so...i watch in evning at CAKE BOss