A real good laugh..


While visiting with our visitors (haha) Christine and Kate, we got some much needed laughter. Maybe a little too much. I don't think there is such a thing.

Sitting in the living room trying to find a place for them to have dinner, Alivia leaned against the air mattress which was standing up against the wall. In slow motion the air mattress moved and all I could picture was the non-working television falling to the floor. I moved quickly to grab it. Alivia thought it was a spider. I guess it was funnier to see it happen than it is for me to tell all of you now.
Oh well.
Here are some funny photographs of us fooling around last night : )

It is really nice to be silly : )

We've also started a tradition of watching "The Best of The Cosby Show" every night. It is really funny - and we love laughing.

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

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Christine Howard said...

The air mattress thing was REALLY funny....we definitely Laughed ALOT!!! haha. THANK YOU for letting us stay! it was really nice and we had fun!