So today at Ailey..


... I waited
and waited
and waited...

Or at least that what it seemed like.

(This is the Joan Weill building - where we'll will be going everyday)

Here's a run down of how the day progressed:

We got there an hour early. We went to orientation. Then I waited for 5 and a half hours! Then I danced for maybe three hours. Then I waited again for about 45 minutes till I go finally go back to Jersey (never thought I would say that.)

Alivia and I placed two out of the three classes together! Which is very exciting. Tomorrow we go back to make our schedules.

Sorry it's so short.
More tomorrow, I promise : )


Christine Howard said...

=) =) =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your O-SO-LONG wait...I'm very proud of the two of you and SUPER happy that you'll be dancing together! (hugs)

Anonymous said...

So happy things are looking up...very proud of you girls, but I knew you could do it...really happy you will be dancing together...that's just the icing on the you...Momma Z