The ultimate catch-up post.


Subject number one: This coming Sunday, marks two weeks that we've lived in our new home. Moving has been stressful, tiring, annoying at times, confusing, muddy (thanks to the wonderful New England weather), the list goes on. But more times than not, the joy and excitement of having our own place has outweighed the overwhelm that comes with merging two lives together. The majority of the hard work (in the sweaty, physical way) is done. Five out of our six rooms have paint on their walls. Most of the big furniture items were bought, or moved, with the exception of our dining room chairs (yet to find ones we like). Pictures and wall art are going up slowly. My craft room is still in a million pieces. Mainly because I can't decide how I want it to look annnnnnd because we haven't even touched the room that is going to be our office (wasn't a priority for moving in), so there are a bunch of boxes taking up room. I'm still searching for craft room inspiration, (I like this one, and the shelving in this one!) so any photos or helpful ideas are most certainly welcomed and appreciated! 
Other exciting tidbits to share about our place: 
  • the bay window in the living room that overlooks the front yard and horse pasture across the street. So lovely.
  • our room color selections (although some were shocked and were probably thinking "I would never paint my walls that color!") pshhh it's awesome!
  • we have a treadmill in the finished basement which means - workkkkking out without having to drive anywhere or pay a monthly fee!
  • the cat has so much room to run around compared to her previous home. Nonetheless, she chooses to sleep all day. Smart cat.
  • we recently discovered why the town is called Deerfield. Lots of deer, and miles and miles of fields.
  • the orchard down the street - literally walking distance - has pick your own =]
  • there are hundreds of farm stands!!! (Okay maybe not hundreds..but still there's more than anyone else is probably used to).
  • We have a sump pump in the basement that sounds like a monster!
  • after a week and a half, we have cable AND internet! Hallelujah! (On a side note: the house didn't have cable or internet when we moved in. Deerfield does this thing where they put all the lines under ground, I think to prevent major power outages?! And of course we're so smart, that we we moved in March while their was still snow on the ground! We thought it would be this huge production because they usually just run the cable from the neighbors (we only have one and I guess you have to be in between two house).. So anyway.. the comcast man finally made it to our house (after arriving late the first day to no one home..) and gave us the temporary hoooook up (ran a line to the roof and when the snow melts they'll dig the trench thingy! Life is good again.)
That was a long side note.. Sorry.
Anyway. We're happy to be on our way to being settled in. Hopefully there will be photos for you soon!

Subject number two: The modern company that I am in - visit website here - is working really hard on our performance which is exactly a month away from today. The next two Saturdays involve four hour rehearsals to pull everything together, on top of our regular Monday night rehearsals. If you are anywhere in the Western Mass area on April 17th, I really encourage you to go. Even if you don't like dance. Go to support non-profit organizations. Or the arts. Or your love for Florence and The Machine. Order tickets here!

Subject number three: I am in the process of freeing up some time in my crazy busy schedule within the next month to focus on Handmade by Nicole. Right now, I just don't have the time or energy to work on it, mentally or physically. Hence the reason I am devoting an entire room to my stuff. I think it will encourage and excite me to create and share and sell my stuff! I'm starting to think about putting together parties for my jewelry and crocheted accessories, so keep me in mind when planning showers, birthdays, girls night, etc! And stay tuned for new items!

Subject number four:  Dance Teachering! "Tis the season for competitions and recital prep.. fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa." Our Dance Team had their first competition this past weekend. It was sold out (meaning they had the maximum amount of entries possible) and ended up having to start on Friday night, instead of Saturday morning. It was a very long weekend, but all of us teachers were so very proud of the girls - they were absolutely fantastic and lovely! They have two more coming up in the next couple months and I know they'll do great. Our dance recital is in June, so costumes are starting to come in and our dances are coming together. It's so exciting and I know that I'm not supposed to be bias.. but I think my favorite class to see on stage will be my 3 - 5 year old "Yellow Submarine" girls.

I think that's enough for now lovelies. I hope you are still here reading this.. No worries, unless we lose internet for several days, or move again (we better not!), I am officially back among the living, so you won't have to read long catch-up posts ever again! Wow.. this was probably really overwhelming for you. I apologize. But it feels absolutely wonderful to get this out of my brain and into my blog. Like a big deep breath. Thanks for baring with me super, duper, fantastic followers!


Anna P. said...
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Anna P. said...

I am tired just reading that lol! Glad you guys are all moved into your new place and loving it! Can't wait to see pictures! :-)

Alivia said...

Woo! So glad about all of this! :)

Paper Paper said...

so happy for you that you are finally able to bring your lives together in one place :) love your ideas you had for the craft room! its great to have to space to do that!

Amanda said...

It sounds like the moving in is going well. I'm always one of those people who never settles on where furniture should go, so I understand your office set-up dilemma. Hope you get to crafting soon.
Am jealous of the bay window and the treadmill. If I had that, I won't be able to make any excuses...which would make my husband very pleased :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Sounds like good things have been happening!

Kelly said...

Walkable to an orchard? Be still my heart.