Something nice


{that I forgot to share.. until just now}

Published in our local newspaper, this was written by the parents of one of my dance students back in June. It's great to know that even at such a young age {the girl is about four}, dance teachers have such a positive influence in the lives of our students.

We must be doing something right.

On a bit of a side note: for those of you familiar with the new Lifetime show "Dance Moms", I'd be seriously stunned if any of those parents wrote a letter like this about their dance studio. Just sayin.

Happy Weekend!


Lela said...

Thats a wonderful story! And you're sidenote is totally right.

KC said...


Anonymous said...

Such great encouragement!! Your students are lucky to have you! And lucky to be dancing!

Kelly said...

Yay! Congratulations! Dance Moms is crazy, and I'm sure you're 1,000 times nicer/better.