Another new project:


So last week, a biology professor from school came to our ballet class to lecture on nutrition and dieting. Before her presentation, I thought I knew enough about eating healthy and blah, blah, blah. WRONG! There is so much more to eating healthy that just counting your calories and exercising. Her powerpoint presentation was so informative and made me want to clean out my cabinets and start fresh. So today I decided to start keeping track of what I eat and how much I exercise. Primarily just cause I'm curious, but I also wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds. So I searched the web and came across a super easy, and helpful website:! You can keep track of everything you eat, and determine a weight goal. You enter your information (height, weight, age, average amount of exercise, etc) and it calculates everything else! I'm totally addicted to it now. I totally encourage everyone to check it out. Even if you don't wanna lose weight. It's amazing how many other vitamins and porteins and all that good stuff you need. Most people don't pay attention to those important things when reading labels. And this website does that for you. At the end it totals each category and tells you whether or not you need more or less. End of story. It's that simple! So I highly recommend it - and I'll keep you posted on my progress.. so far so good, but then again it's only day 1!

yummmm - summertime =]

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