My $300 investment..


Nikon Coolpix L110 12.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Ok. So maybe a super spiffy camera isn't exactly an investment unless you're a professional photographer.. but honestly. With some of my graduation money I decided to buy a Nikon coolpix L110. I rarely buy expensive possessions for myself and thought that with I nice camera I could truly capture the beauty of the city. I'm still a little concerned that I won't use the camera to it's full potential however. It's pretty complex and I can't imagine buying it and not using all of its amazing features. I'm also worried that I will end up taking awful pictures because I just don't know what setting to use when, or what not. I guess that's why it comes with a 100 page user manual. Good Lord!

Here are some photos I took yesterday while messing around with it for the first time. So far I really love the incredible zoom, and auto setting which determines what scene to use depending on what the subject is.

I would definitely recommend this camera for people who:
a) want to feel like a photographer
b) take any sort of sports pictures - it has a setting for continuous shooting
c) love new gadgets as much as I do

: )


Andrew said...

Nice cat pics! :-)

Alivia said...

Ahhh I love these! Looks like you don't have a problem figuring the camera out! I'm excited to take pictures this summer...even if some are in Jersey :)

PS. I think we should wear Bump-Its. At least one day. :)

Britt Slips said...

camera is def a good investmen! its fun to just play with but it reallly comes in handy when you might want a new headshot and you lack money haha