I'm such a slacker..


Uhhhh I wish I had more time to blog.

Blahhh... I've been super busy and haven't been all that interested in spending time on the computer. Which I suppose is both good and bad. On the good side, I've been doing lots of other things like spending time with my family and hanging in the nice warm weather. On the bad side, I feel like I'm forgetting/missing out/losing track of everything that I used to check several times a day on the internet before.
I hope that I become better at this when I'm in New York. I definitely need to keep track of all the exciting things that will happen to Alivia and I for the next two months..

Please check in for updates - until then.. sorry if my lack of posts have let you down : (
If they have.. I hope this picture makes up for it.

My great niece Jaelyn : )

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