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Lately I've been struggling with the idea of this blog. Fighting to find time, searching for things to share, digging for inspiration somewhere in my life. Cause let's be real.. people do not want to see more photos of my cat, hear about how full of choreography my brain is, or about how non-existent my love life is. Or do they?

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there with a blog who struggles to stay fresh and interesting. Lord knows in the past year this blog has seen less and less action, by it's author and by you, because of my inconsistency and lack of interesting material, I am sure. But it just seems like more and more "popular blogs" are just that because they post "What I Wore Today", or "Giveaway This" and "Giveaway That" seven times a week. Why? For what? I suppose once in a while that's fine. Especially if you're supporting handmade items, small businesses, promoting a great brand, or something you're super passionate about. That's great! Fan-frickin-tastic! I'm all for it. So maybe it's just me.. but I feel like that's  a l l  I  s e e.  E v e r y  d a y. And maybe I'm wrong. Please prove me wrong.

So when, or do we call it quits? When is it time to redefine yourself and your blog? When it becomes a chore? When you stare at a blank screen for over an hour and still have nothing to write.. or anything that you think is worth reading (a topic for another post)? We should be blogging because we want to, not because we have to maintain a certain schedule, because we want the most readers, or because we want to be one of those popular blogs. I mean maybe you do. But not me. I just want this little thing to be seen, to be real and maybe occasionally entertaining. But shit.. it's not that easy. Am I right?

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