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Just putting together a few of my favorite items from the shop today.
This fall weather always gets me excited for crocheting, so I'm sure I'll have some new scarves and other winter items listed in no time!
Remember - free shipping! Click the photos for a link back to my shop!

Crocheted Mug Sweater
Hand Crocheted Mug Sweater - $12.95
Vintage Button Ring - (white button with silver band)
Vintage Button Ring - $9.95

Blue & Teal Hoop Earrings
Teal Hoop Earrings - $19.95

Bird Nest Necklace Pendant
 Bird Nest Pendants - $12.95

Crocheted Lace Bracelet with Vintage Button 
Crocheted Lace Bracelet - $12.95

Happy shopping!

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