My Summer Go To's


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As summer rolls on in, my favorite summer accessories and items are starting to make an appearance. With hot weather, picnics and sunshine finally here, I can't help but want to share with you some of my favorite (and easy) summer go to's.
1 // short hair for easy styling. I hate having sweaty hair on my neck so this hair length is so perfect!
Also -- makes using dry shampoo a hell-of-a-lot easier!
2 // fun beer bottle bracelets for picnics and campfires! Love my dollar store finds!
3 // hot pink shorts and the best sandals I've ever purchased. A great way to dress an outfit up without heels.  Like anyone would not want to wear heels..
4 // lemonade chapstick - with SPF of course!
5 // bright colored cross bag with enough card slots that you don't need to try to stuff a wallet in there! I'm not a big orange person, but the pink and orange together.. obsessed.
6 // pearly pink nail polish. And the fact that I only have to do one coat.. perfect for when I don't have a lot of time.
7 // leather belt watch. A great small internet shop find, which I bought not because I needed to know the time.. 

What are your easy and fun summer go to's?!

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