The no-sew pillow cover


Have you seen this pin floating around pinterest? I love the idea. Don't get me wrong I adore my sweet sewing machine and pretty much find any excuse to use it, but the ease of being able to change up my couch decor is very appealing! All you need is a medium - large piece of fabric (depending on the size of your pillow) and some safety pins (my addition to the original "how-to"). If you can wrap a gift, then you can most certainly do this! And the best part?! You can use that piece of fabric again for something else! What the what?! That's awesome!

1. Lay the fabric down on the floor, pretty side down. Place the pillow in the center and fold two sides into the center of the pillow. They should overlap a bit so that you don't see the pillow.

2. Take the remaining sides and fold them into triangles (exactly like you do for the ends of a gift). Bring them to the center and tie them. Now the above tutorial tells you to knot it and then tuck in the ends but my fabric wasn't long enough to double knot, and a single knot wouldn't stay. So I just tied the ends together once and safety pinned the ends to the underneath so it would stay.
You really can't go wrong with this, so do it however works best for you! Enjoy + make sure you share your no-sew pillow covers with me. I'd really love to see how they turn out!

Have an extraordinary day!


Jodi said...

Those are so cute and actually look like something I could do!

chestnutmocha said...

wow! this is a good idea! looks great!