Dancers: Remember..


1. Nothing comes easy. Dance is hard. Life is hard. All great performers, teachers and dancers have worked hard to accomplish great things. Just because you can't do a certain step, doesn't mean you never will. Never stop trying. Just because one dance company doesn't accept you, doesn't mean another one won't. It's going to be difficult, you're going to be frustrated, but that's why you have dance teachers. To encourage, guide and support you.

2. You get out of it what you put into it. Plain and simple.

3. Your parents (or maybe you) actually pay for dance classes. Try to think about that when you're chatting on the side or being lazy in class because "you're tired". There are lots of children in the world who would be incredibly happy to have this opportunity, so treat it as though it is a privilege. And thank your parents often.

4. Dance is selfish. But that doesn't mean dancers are. We dance because it makes us feel something. We don't do it for anyone but ourselves. I dance because I get to be in peaceful and beautiful state of mind. One that I can't be in any other time of the day. When you're in class, worry about yourself. All of your focus should be on you. Dancers need to work as a team on many occasions, but they also need to focus on how to make themselves better instead of being intimated, jealous or pointing out the flaws of others. Jealousy divides the team and it is visible both on and off the stage. Strong, confident dancers make for a strong and confident team.

5. We say this a thousand times: The way you dance in class is the way you'll dance on stage. So always do it full out. Focus on your energy and the intention of the piece. Because everyone wants to be the best they can be on that stage. You may feel silly smiling at yourself in the mirror or whatever, but shouldn't you be enjoying yourself anyway?! That should be the easy part.

6. Dance teachers actually know what they are doing. Each dancer should take the critics and apply them, whether they were said to another student or to the entire class. You should always be working and striving to be the best, so always be listening and watching. It will only make you that much better.

7. Always be thinking about what's next. If you are given a combination across the floor traveling to the right, you'll most likely have to do it to the left. When you finish, start reversing it in your head instead of just waiting till it's your turn and then trying to figure it out. It's great for your brain and will strengthen your ability to pick up choreography faster.

8. Be respectful. Of your instructor, your peers and yourself. Keep talking to a minimum, avoid whispering or judging of others and always give it 110%. Anything else is a waste of everyone's time.

9. Keeping learning. Even if you've mastered all that you think you are capable of. Cause guess what? You haven't. So go beyond your limits. Push yourself. Start learning a different style, take class from different instructors and pay attention to your peers. There are so many opportunities out there. A dancer never stops learning, ever ever ever, so be adventurous.

10. Be kind to yourself. Having the motivation to push yourself is a great quality and it will get you far, but don't overdo it. Dance doesn't just happen, so take a deep breath and try not to get discouraged. The harder the step or trick, the more time it will take, so be patient and when you reach that goal, give yourself some recognition.


Soph said...

I completely agree(:

Melanie said...

Definitely needed this today! ♥