My favorite DIY's (To-do)


Welp. Welcome to Monday.

You're probably just as thrilled as I am.

So how 'bout you take a second and check out some of these DIY projects!

Some of them look pretty darn easy if you ask me. And they would all make for wonderful gifts, I'm sure.

They've been tucked away in my crafts + DIY ideas board on pinterest for a while now, so here's my motivation. And maybe some for you too. Enjoy!

Scrapbook paper outlet covers, love it. 

Easy Wreath Birdbath by familyfun: Made with a grapevine wreath, a terra cotta saucer and manilla rope. #Birdbath #Kids #familyfun
Hanging twine bird bath

  Fabric-Scraps Bowl
Scrap fabric bowl

  Recycled sweaters! Awesome idea!
Recycled sweater pillows

fabric scrap bracelets
Scrap fabric bracelets & hangers

love this mug! Christmas idea?
Hand painted mugs

What are some of your favorite DIY's. Let me know + maybe I can do a follower's favorite DIY post!
Have a lovely day friends.


SimplyHeather said...

These are so cute! I'm definitely going to bookmark this page so i remember to try making them in the future. Can't wait.

xoxo Heather

Soph said...

I love the mug<3

Nicole Louise said...

Love the sweater pillows and the bird feeder...but I don't think I am crafty enough to do either!