I have a problem. With 900 + songs on my iPod, I am bored. How is that possible? I skip seventy percent of the songs that the shuffle plays. What's wrong with me? Does anyone else have this problem? I can't seem to find fresh enough music for my hard to please self. Or maybe it is just because I don't have the patience to look for it. Whatever the reason, I am dead tired of all my music. To the point where I'd rather listen to my own thoughts than the radio, my iPod or a CD. I know, it is a pretty desperate state over here people. BUT THIS! This playlist - no matter how random the selection may be (please don't laugh) - will always put a smile on face.

They are my jams.
(I don't know, maybe they'll turn into yours too!)

jams by Nicole on Grooveshark

Have a great tune that will make me dance? Do share!


SimplyHeather said...

I do the same thing! I only have like 300 songs on my Ipod. Every few years I'll go through my Itunes and take out songs I REALLY don't like anymore. Phase songs, as I like to call them. But with 300, I still seem to skip almost all the songs for a certain few. Haha.

Freya Lily said...

That happens to me too. Except my mp3 player only has 400 songs to I get bored right quick! I feel like everyday I'm changing it!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

Nicole... the first ring on your handmade page is stunning! love it!