vintage button rings


A few months back, some of my family members graciously gave me a large supply of vintage buttons that they no longer had a use for. Since then they have sat, piled on top of each other in large mason jars. Most of them are the only one of their kind, so I asked myself, "Self - what are you going to do with all of these adorable buttons?"

When I originally got them, I was thinking I'd use them for various crocheting projects like neck cowls and such (which I did), but lately I've been racking my brain for an accessory that is a bit more unique. Some of the buttons are so pretty and interesting that they just have to be shown off. And what better way to do that than to wear them on your finger!

And so I made vintage button rings.
And here they are some of the guinea pigs.
What do you think?


Amanda @ cora lea loves said...

the rings are so adorable!! i love them :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

You need to continue making these. They're too cute.

Sue said...

These are so cute!