Scenes from the weekend


Saturday night was my best friend's bachelorette party. Dinner, drinks, high heels + laughing so hard our faces hurt. I made her a sash (pictured above) to wear and another bridesmaid brought a veil for her. It was the perfect night.

^  ^  ^  ^  ^
Sunday we slept in a bit, did some chores, played with the chickens and FOUND OUR FIRST EGG! We haven't built nesting boxes yet because we really weren't expecting them for another month or so, but I guess we should get on that. Since we didn't know how long the egg had been there, we composted it (don't want to be eating rotten eggs now, do we?!) but this morning, I knew to check and there was another egg in the shavings! I washed it and have started a carton for our free-range eggs! For now I think that there is only one chicken laying, so I hope the others catch on soon. Can't wait to try the eggs. I hear they are absolutely delicious + and as bright as the sun.

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Stay cool.


Freya Lily said...

Gotta love those little guys!!! I used to love collecting the eggs, it was like a surprise each morning!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting a fabulous evening. A+ as always. Loveyou bunches bestfriend!

Niken said...

collecting egss sounds fun!

Robots in Trouble said...

awww what lovely event you guys had!

♥ abby
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