so to the beach we went


Yesterday miraculously, my mother, sister and I all had the day off. So we packed the car and went up to Hampton for the day. So lovely. The cool breeze + the hot sun + practically empty beach. It was a great way to welcome the summer sun. I've never seen the water so blue and clear. I can't wait to go back..


Freya Lily said...

The water looks so delicious :) What a nice day! And I really love this shot of the umbrella. Happy Weekend!

Kayle said...

I love the beach especially when there's only a few people ;)
Loving the photos! Loving the hamptons!

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Anonymous said...

lovely photos! i need to go to the beach... going to the river is just so much easier though. and our beaches are always PACKED, mostly with tourists. meh. :( & i'm going to force myself to stop comment-bombing your blog... for now.

i love it btw! ;)