Lesson #54: Don't feed the animals


Waahoo! Kick off those shoes and dance around the house people! Cause it's Friday! I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend which will hopefully consist of (a tiny bit of) sleep, making breakfast in my pajamas, teaching dance, doing a Handmade by Nicole event where people can create their own custom jewelry, going to my sister's dance performance and building our chicken coop (cause those little ladies are almost ready to be moved outside). I hope your weekend has lots of fun and/or relaxing things in store for you!

In celebration of today, I thought it would be appropriate to share the winner of my Outstanding & Noteworthy Award of the week.

WARNING: Okay parents, what you are about to see might be little bit disturbing but it's okay, cause glass is like, the strongest kind of material in the world.

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Freya Lily said...

Phew we made it! I love weekends :) Cant wait to see pictures of the chicken coop! (I'm assuming you'll share :) ) And I love that video! yes, it's a bit scary BUT at least there's glass there :)