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Happy Monday friends. Oddly enough, I'm feeling productive and energized today. Usually it's a slow start and I procrastinate the heck out of my Mondays. But this Monday is different for some reason. Maybe it's because we had a really exciting weekend. We spent a good chunk of time Sunday building our coop. And now.. the shell is up! And it feels good! We still have about two weeks until the girls can live outside, so I think we're in good shape. All that is left to do is put up some installation (for the outside wall of the shed), put up the plywood, build our nesting boxes, build a door for them to go outside, build a human door and put up their roost. Wow. Now that I've listed everything it seems like a lot more.

We realized as we were measuring and building yesterday, that the coop is going to be waaay bigger than we need for six chickens, but go big or go home right?! They only need three square feet per chicken. Shocking right! I couldn't live in three square feet, that's for sure. I think we're going to be such great chicken parents. We're already spoiling them with three times the living space they need. Thinking about the everyday routine of going out, gathering eggs and letting them out to roam around our yard has been making me so happy lately. Although, I'm sure after the thousandth time I've had scoop the crap out of the coop, I won't be thinking the same thing.

Yesterday we were brainstorming names (see list below) and thinking about how we could sell eggs to all our friends! I think we're going to keep track somewhere on the coop, the names of our chickens and when we got them. So that when we get more (cause their egg production drops 15% each year!!), we'll just keep adding names and dates to the list. I was thinking somewhere on the door of the coop would be a good spot. Don't you?

I know I've said this before but really, if you have chickens or know someone who does/did, pleasepleaseplease feel free to share your tips and tricks. We are complete newbies and could use all the help we can get!

Current names in the running for our hens:

M.C. Hammer

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Sadie Dear said...

I want chickens, but I don't think I'd have the discipline to really take care of them. And? It sounds like you'll definitely be good chicken parents. 3 feet? No way.