The definition of Awkward and Awesome


is most certainly.. my family. And I mean that with all the love in the world. I would definitely argue that they are far more awesome than awkward but sometimes, I admit, we have our moments.

Like last night. Totally awesome. And as a result of being totally awesome, we got totally awkward photos. We went to dinner to celebrate my lovely mother's birthday { which isn't till Friday, but schedules are hard to coordinate with us } and I don't think anyone left without a sore stomach or a dry eye from all the laughing we did.

At first, I was a little irritated with all the blurriness. But then I decided that it kinda works.

I hope they didn't think these photos were just going to live happily ever after in a folder on my desktop without being shared.. Hey! A girl has gotta have blog material people. And what's better than good times with the fam, huh?!

Don't worry Mom, I deleted that video. Maybe..

But I won't share it..


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