Chick Update { week one }


As you know, we've taken baby chicks into our home. And boy are they interesting creatures. We've decided to keep a journal, documenting things like first whole foods, first words and first time on the potty. Ha. Obviously I'm joking. But not really, cause it's kind of like that.

So I'm going to start posting a Chick Update once a week with tidbits from our journal,
so you can keep score at home.

  W e e k  O n e  

--> after picking up our six baby chicks (which is the minimum amount you can buy at Tractor Supply.. fyi), we cuddled with them and filled their bird feeder with the best baby chick food around.

--> on March 30th, we noticed some of their "big bird" feathers growing on their wings. The feathers are white and not as soft as their fuzzy, baby bird feathers.

--> this past Sunday, some of them had cute bum feathers starting to grow in. One pooped in Dana's hand for the first time and to put this in perspective, I think by then I had been pooped on by each bird. At least twenty times.

--> on the third of April, my mom came to visit them for the first time. We also added cardboard to the sides of our initial bird box, as the babies were getting more curious and some were even brave enough to flap their tiny wings and try to get over the sides of the box.

--> on Wednesday, we bought a 50lb bag of chick food which they can eat forever and ever. Till they are grandparents because it's just that awesome. I re-filled their feeder for the first time since we had brought them home.

--> yesterday, April 5th, there was so much chirping and flying around going on that I could hardly concentrate on my work. So I got up and went over to them, stuck my hand in the box, palm up and one of the runts (there's two) hopped right into my hand and let me take it out of the box without trying to fly away! It was a stupendous day at our farm house. Apparently all that noise making and flapping around was their way of telling me that they wanted to be held. Awwww.

--> today. Their tiny wings are not so tiny anymore. They're actually ginormous.

the end.

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