Chick Update { week three }



--> on Saturday, we decided to give the little runts some furniture. I found a cardboard dowel-like thing, so we jammed it through the sides of the box and voila! Custom roost for the little birdies.
--> we've noticed that they have these funny looking circles on either side of their heads. Possibly ears?! They are in the exact location that one would have ears. Do chickens have ears? Hmmm..
--> the white chickens are mostly white feathered now. And the red chickens.. well they look like ^ ^ that.
--> over the weekend we prepped for their coop. Took everything out of our shed, measured and brainstormed ideas for how we are actually going to build this thing. No big deal guys. We've still got something like five weeks. Ahem.. plenty of time.
--> on Wednesday, D built an addition onto their very, very crammed cozy home. Now they've got a doorway, lots of windows and plenty of room to fly around. I have no idea what we are going to do with them when they get bigger. So if you have any suggestions, please share!
--> they've got this funny thing going on with the feathers on their backs. They stick up all funny. Like this..
--> since we've added more space, the water dish has stayed poop-free for almost a whole three hours. Waaa-hooo!
--> I've started re-filling their hopper (food dish) every day.
--> some of the red's have started to grow darker feathers on their head. It looks like they have freckles.

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