Chick Update { week four }


Dearest readers, 
Since our last update, we have gotten much bigger. So big in fact, that we don't like to be picked up anymore (not that we even liked it in the first place). It's funny when our humans try to scoop us up in their hands and we just fly away. We also peck their fingers a lot. Not because we're hungry or because they are irresistibly delicious, but just because we like our space and frankly, don't want to be bothered. And because we need some kind of entertainment. Watching them jump and yell "OUCH" is the most exciting thing we see all day. 

The cat has taken an interest in us since the day we arrived. She sneaks into the room whenever she gets the chance and watches us peek our heads out of the windows. The box is too high for her to look over the edges now (thank god) and she might be a little intimated by us because she definitely keeps her distance. I mean check us out, our beaks pointy and our pecks are super fierce now. We would stay away from us too.

Our chirps are no longer high pitched and non-stop. It's more like a yelp and we only do it when we're playing or fighting with our sisters. We think the humans really appreciate the silence during the night. Other than that, we eat a lot, at least once a day we spill our food and we're getting really good at balancing on our roost. Sometimes we practice digging for bugs. Except we don't really get anywhere. We peck and peck but can't seem to get through that dang cardboard.

Welp, it's almost time for our naps. Later peeps.

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Freya Lily said...

OMG they are huge!