A & A


- How someone from Western Massachusetts made a video about Western Massachusetts. And actually. It's kind of awesome.
- The chickens are looking like ragamuffins lately. More to come tomorrow in the weekly update.
- Our cat has caught two mice in the past week or so. Did I tell you about how I found one in the toilet at 3:00am? Oh I didn't? Well that's what happened. How the little dude got there is still kind of a mystery. But lets just say, it scared the crap out of my half asleep self and I'm sick of it. So a few days ago I built a mouse barrier for the basement door. You can thank me for saving your lives later little mice.
- Did you guys hear about the woman who fell through the sidewalk in China? Holy scariness. Reason #153 I need wings. Here's the scoop.
- Running into people that you haven't seen in a really long time, plainly because there is a 110% chance that it will in fact, be awkward. So you avoid any situation that threatens the possibility of you seeing them. And regardless, you run into them. Sometimes even literally. And well, it's an awkward situation. (Wow! Good story Nikki, tell it again!)

- Our second dance competition of the season + my birthday weekend. What's better than dance and cake?
- This cover is the most amazing thing my ears have ever heard.
- The Monday night dinners that boyfriend and I have been having so often that it's almost a regular thing. I pick up something after I get done teaching, go to meet him at the shop, we eat, and then I go to rehearsal and he goes back to work. It's the little things I tell ya.
- How well I can improvise and substitute ingredients in recipes. It's like a hidden talent of mine.
- A R T and how much I love it.

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