time flies & so does snow


It has been snowing here for about twenty-eight hours now. The photo timeline above was taken yesterday over a four hour period. Our dance classes were cancelled yesterday and for tonight so I've had lots of time to catch up on laundry, finish sewing costumes, make jewelry and bake brownies (of course).

Weather experts say that the snow will last till sometime tonight. But then there is snow/rain in the forecast for tomorrow evening as well. I kinda don't mind. I was secretly hoping for one more ounce of winter because a) we definitely got ripped off in the snow-day department and b) when it snows like this, there are parking bans. And when there are parking bans, boyfriend and I get to hop into the tow truck and steal cars in the middle of the night. And I kinda enjoy it.

So happy March 1st everyone! Today is our one year house anniversary. Say whaat?! It's funny how time plays tricks on you. One day it feels like I've lived here for ten years and then other days I'm convinced that it was just yesterday that it looked like these before photos. Maybe sometime this spring I'll take some updated photos because since that post we've added a lot more love to the decor.

Well, happy anniversary cute little home of ours. I hope you've made reservations for dinner tonight, cause it's your turn to cook. And we definitely deserve to celebrate after all the hard work we've done for you.


KC said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

KC said...

Happy Anniversary!