Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- Feeling the need to choreograph at the most i n a p p r o p r i a t e & bizarre moments. Like; in the shower, in church, while driving. I can't help it. When inspiration strikes, there's no way I'd try to fight it. It's not often that the creative juices flow "just because". So when choreography is natural and isn't lastminutebecauseIhavetoteachinONEHOUR.. so be it, no matter how random and weird the situation may be.
- Sitting in the emergency room (no worries folks.. everything is okie dokie artichokie) and knowing the majority of the people there. Small world? Or a weird series of events is taking place among my family and our acquaintances.
- Having the doctor's office tell you, word for word, that "we can't put you on the Dr.'s waiting list because, we really just don't know what's going on here." Really?!
- Massive amounts of left-overs in the fridge. There's only two of us. WHY is it so difficult for us to make meals for just two people? It always seems like we're feeding a family of fifteen over here.
- Driving a car with flames airbrushed on the front. No joke. (Why is this the first time I'm including this in an A&A?) Someday I'll share a photo with you.

- Having a boyfriend who lets me drive his flame-mobile.
- All of the pampered chef stuff that I got from hosting a party! About $370 worth of kitchen goodies for only $64 (which was only the shipping cost!)
- Not only is this pretty awesome, it's a miracle ---> Going on two months, that I've been getting up and running on the treadmill almost every morning. (Sometimes I give myself a break).. Yay for me! I hope I keep the motivation past swim suit season..
- My best friend getting married. Love her so. Can't wait till we really start planning things!
- Boyfriend's hard work and support for my business. We're really trying to get my jewelry in stores. Without him, I'd be lost. He knows so much about starting a business. And I know nothing. So I'd say we make a pretty great team! Here's to you babe, for sticking it out.. so far! Muah.
- The Halloween/Birthday/Graduation Party that we're planning need to start planning, is going to be awesome. Boyfriend just has to make it all about him.. doesn't he. Ha Ha. (His Birthday and his Graduation.)

Happy Thursday. I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! Hoping you have some fabulous plans for the weekend =]


Amanda said...

Nicole, I totally feel you on the leftovers consuming my fridge. My husband and I love cooking, but I feel so bad and guilty throwing out foods that we can't eat before they go bad.

Plus, I am mathematically challenged, and I can't figure out the correct ratios and proportions for cutting the recipe down.

One website that I have really liked is the one linked to the Pioneer Woman's site: Tasty Kitchen. There, you can manually change the settings to just two people which will alter the recipe. Hope that helps!

Can't wait to hear more about the mega party you have planned! :)

Anonymous said...

I love my MOH!