Awkward and Awesome!


-- A w k w a r d --  

- squeezing my giant calves into my favorite boots because I'm determined to wear them gosh darn it!

- driving half an hour to get my photo taken for the newspaper (which took a whole two minutes) and then a half hour back. sigh.

- the way that my key to the house no longer lets me in.

- post cards from the vet:
"Your owner probably forgot that you were due for the procedures listed below. Don't worry - it's only human! Just go sit by the phone and tell Nicole to give us a call to arrange an appointment for you."

-- A w e s o m e -- 

- catching up with friends that I've been missing for a long time.

 - Kelly Ripa's shoes & princesses.

- my Christmas tree is still up & I'm still burning my Christmas tree candle as I type. yup, you bet I am!

- when boyfriend cooks dinner, just because he feels like it. yum yum yum.

It's Thursday everybody!
So go be all sorts of awkward & awesome.
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KC said...

I love squeezing my calves into my boots that i LOVE! hey it's not like it's being worn for 24 hours...right? :) I love this post!

Mrs. Darcy said...

I always find the postcards from out vet to be super weird, lol. I know they are trying to be cute, but it somehow reads as super awkward!

Kelly said...

I'm pretty sure I'd categorize the postcard from the vet as Awesome, not Awkward. Clever vet you've got!