our home: decorated!


In case you didn't notice the date above.. it's December 1st. Which means it's acceptable to share our wonderfully decorated, (and mostly DIY) Holiday Home. Technically we put the tree up in November, but it seems like we aren't the only ones decorating before December. I saw an awful lot of trees being carried home over the weekend and lots of homes dressed in bright lights, so I don't feel too terrible about rushing into the Christmas season.

This is our first Christmas in the new home. We thought long and hard about where to put our tree and whether we were going to get a real one or a fake one. Our living room is a little awkward, so it was hard for us to picture where we could fit a real tree without it being in the way. My entire life I have always had a real Christmas tree, so I was a little reluctant to go the fake route. However, we have a wonderful bay window that just screams, "put a little Christmas tree here!" And as for the Christmas tree smell that boyfriend and I love so much -- evergreen candle to the rescue! And plus.. no clean up or watering for us!


The runner and the stockings were my DIY projects for the week. I was so proud of myself. My mom has bins and bins full of fabric, so I was thrilled to find some Christmas prints buried in the piles. I helped myself and viola! I'm thinking about adding some lace on the edges of the runners to give it a little more pizazz.

And of course, you probably noticed the disco balls on our tree. Silly I know, but I had to do it for my lovely DJ boyfriend. That way he'll let me put ballerina ornaments on the tree! Have you put up decorations yet? Some people think it's too early. But clearly, I don't. Happy December!


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Amanda said...

Wow look at you go! I have zero decorations up right now (can't say that after this weekend) and am so impressed you have it all done! That table runner is so cute -- great job! I have some red + green fabric that I can't wait to get my hands on this weekend.

Talia said...

Yay, Christmas!

I love the little tree by the window idea. So pretty. And great job on the stockings and runner!

Thanks for sharing!