Weekend love


Quality time with the Sisters (above) -- laughing and stuffing our faces with baked potatoes and homemade chili.

Birthday celebrations -- my Uncle turned the big 5 0 !

Smore-making -- in a mini muffin pan.. best things ever! I think I ate them all. And then I blamed the empty container on boyfriend.

Hair cuts -- this was a first for him and I. Not the actually hair cutting of course, but going together. It's pretty convenient.

Movie night -- "Dinner for Schmucks", one of those movies you love and hate at the same time. Everything goes wrong and you wish the people in the movie could hear you screaming at them.

Errands -- surprisingly fun and entertaining when you're not in a hurry.

Staying up late -- playing Scateorgies. I lost.

Hunting for our Halloween costumes -- only $23 for both of our costumes & all the accessories!

Cozy boots -- decided it was time to get out the sweaters and boots and put away the sandals.

Organizing/cleaning the basement -- our party is only six days away, and we're surprisingly almost ready. That NEVER happens.

Eating & drinking -- Pumpkin coffee, ice cream cake, apple cider & Mom's chili

I wish the weekend stayed forever..

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