Your weekend


I hope your weekend is so much fun, that by Sunday afternoon, you're passed out in your sweet yellow dress.

This weekend doesn't hold much in the field of excitement over here, since we most definitely got an overdose of glitter, music, screaming, lights, and animal print last night.
Boyfriend and I went to a concert (LMFAO & Ke$ha) at Mohegan Sun, and I must say, if I had extra money just floating around, I'd be there every weekend. Well, maybe every other weekend. I'd alternate between a secluded, tropical island... and Mohegan Sun.
It's huge. Like really, really big. I was so distracted by the lights, dinging bells from the slot machines.. and all the Ke$ha* wannabes. It's amazing boyfriend didn't loose me in there. I think I just held his hand and let him lead me along while I let my eyes wonder all over the place. 
*Let me just say, that we did not buy these tickets because of Ke$ha. Dispite the few songs that I actually own of hers (only because of my beginner hip hop class), I don't really care for her.
We are pretty big LMFAO fans (read this post first, then this one to learn more) and their portion of the concert did not disappoint. So much energy and just... craziness. Gotta see it to believe it kind of thing.
So after a crazy concert experience.. which I would only recommend to those who really want to see a spectacle like no other (Ke$ha and her fans are a breed of their own), I must say that there isn't a better picture to illustrate the rest of my weekend, than the one above.


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KC said...

Sounds like fun! i hope to be passed out in my yellow dress Sunday evening hee hee. Have a great upcoming week!