A longish post about two really awesome days.


Tidbits of information that are helpful to know before reading this post:
1] Quest Dance Crew is from LA and won season 3 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. Watch this!
2] One of their dancers, Hok, is most known for being on the dance show So You Think You Can Dance and has a resume the size of the dictionary.
3] They are famous. In my world.
Some of you might have seen through various forms of social networking, that I, yes.. little ol' me, met Quest Dance Crew while enjoying a quiet dinner at Chili's with my boyfriend. Nervous, bright red in the face, and too shaky to hold my margarita, I sat quietly and admired Hok (from So You Think You Can Dance, and member of the crew) from my booth.
I thought of every excuse in the book to save me from going over to say hello. Babe they're famous. I can't believe they're here. So go say hi. Oh My God. No way. I can't. They don't wanna be bothered. They get it all the time. Pleasedon'tmakemePleasedon'tmakeme.

So then:
Boyfriend went over and said hello. [Cause again, there was no way I was making the first move.]
Totally embarrassed, I got up and went over to their table anyway.
Hok and I shook hands and said hello.
Then we chatted with the crew.
Then their manager Dave, sat in my seat pretended to eat my burger.
Then I sat next to Dave and chatted like we weren't strangers.
Then he asked us to write down our names for the guest list for the show Thursday night.
Then I might have just died.

Last night we went to the show. After asking several staff members about the guest list, we met Dave and were welcomed with hugs and friendly conversation despite his very busy schedule just minutes before the show. We got our tickets and were told to sit anywhere in the first two rows! As we were making our way to our seats, we had to prove that we really were allowed to sit in the reserved area. Mentioning the managers name seemed to satisfy them enough to let us sit there.
The show was amazing. Sitting just a few feet away from the stage, it was a little unreal. I was so excited that boyfriend had such a good time. He didn't fall asleep. And he laughed. And even drooled a little ; )
 There was a meet and greet after the show. Swarms of UMASS students pushed their way to the front of the lobby to meet the dance crew. I was completely happy with the way that the past two days had gone, and so grateful for the wonderful seats and meeting them the night before, that I suggested just catching Dave quickly before we left instead of waiting in line for who knows how long to get autographs. We had already gotten way more than we'd expected.We said goodbye and wished them safe travels (they were heading back to LA early this morning) and pretty much had to crowd surf out of there.
 It's still hard to believe that the past two days actually happened.
We'll definitely remember this for the rest of our lives.

And all because boyfriend skipped school, because we just happened to pick Chili's out of all the other restaurants... and because boyfriend has balls and I don't =]

Happy Friday!


Kiersten said...

That's so awesome!
I mean, I'll admit here that until this post I would have had no idea what any of their names meant, however you know who they are. (I love under a rock or something....it's the only explanation for my ignorance.)
I'm glad you had a great time!!
<3 Kiersten

Erinn said...

GAH! I loveeeedd Hok. The hummingbird piece..so good. I hopped over from Bright Wishes and I am a new follower. I am also a dancer and I love reading about other dancers journies :)

Kelly said...

Good for your boyfriend! Someone's gotta keep us straight!