Amber! On the computer!


Our cat is such a smarty pants. I think maybe she wanted to help her Dad with his homework.

We walked into the office this morning and couldn't believe what we were seeing. Amber! Using the laptop! Like seriously?! I had no clue she knew how to use one! Anyway. I quickly grabbed the camera cause I knew you all wouldn't believe me if I told you.

So here's the evidence. Little Amber kitty, using the laptop.. a BED!
Haha. Fooled ya!
 Get it?! ON the computer?!

Here's part of our conversation, once we found her there. By the way, I sound like a fool at the end trying to get her to "say goodbye" annnd I'm sorry that the lighting is awful :(


Kiersten said...

Adorable! haha My Kitty likes to lie down on the keyboard when I'm using the laptop in order to dominate my time!
<3 Kiersten

KC said...

ha ha! how cute!!