Five. Things. FRIDAY!


 1. Tomorrow, I'll be setting up a Handmade by Nicole table at a local market out here in Western Mass {website here}! I'm super excited and hope that there is a good turn out, and also that it doesn't rain.. I love summertime markets and browsing all the wonderful things that people bring to them. There's something about being outside and supporting other small businesses that make me really happy.

2. My best friend is probably ready to change her email address after all the wedding themed emails I've been sending her. I'm so honored and overly thrilled to be part of such a special time in her life. Although, any advice you all may have on being a Maid of Honor would be appreciated.. I am absolutely clueless.. I wonder if they have a "Maid of Honor for Dummies" book...?!?

3. I still haven't been to the beach yet.. sigh..

4. I suck at reading books.. Actually, I just have a difficult time relaxing long enough. I always think that there is a "better" way to use my time. I feel like yelling to my brain: "HELLO NICOLE! It's summer.. that's what you're supposed to be doing!" Maybe today {since it's Friday and all..} I'll excuse myself from all the work, and finish my book.

5. Boyfriend got a hair cut yesterday. Actually.. he got a bunch of hairs cut.. booboomchhhh. I hardly recognized him when I walked into the house. I love his short hair.

Happy Friday Everyone!
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Brandon said...

Nice post! Cool blog too!

Check out mine?

If you want, follow it and I'll follow yours.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry bestfriend my email address will not change, I really enjoy your emails =] Can't wait to continue planning with your help and support! cakee.

Chris Tani and Princess Brielle said...

I have the same problem with relaxing! I feel like there is always a "better" way to use my time. It's a curse and a blessing?