Wednesday Wishes {edition ?}


1} For my sickness to magically disappear. Boyfriend and I have been battling this thing for about a week and a half. And it's really starting to annoy me. Normal people would probably have gone to the doctor by now.. but yeah.. I'm definitely not normal.

2} "Love Me Do" by The Beatles to be on repeat. *Sigh* Yup. Speakers running through my house, like the ones in department stores, playing pretty much  a n y t h i n g  by The Beatles would be heavenly. But this song makes me especially happy.

3} Good luck wishes sent my way. This weekend will be the very first craft fair appearance for Handmade by Nicole. This week has been/still is, all about prepping for Saturday. My brain is confused with excitement, nervousness, joy, and anticipation. I have no idea what to expect as a vendor at a craft fair, but I really hope that it is filled with all sorts of happiness and satisfaction!

4} Summer recipes. I absolutely love cooking summer food - especially if it goes on the grill! Burgers, fruit salad, smores, fresh veggies, fruity cocktails and all the good stuff. But lately, I've been craving something different. Have a yummy recipe? Do share.. either in a comment.. or email ( Okay?! Thanks! I'm sure boyfriend will thank you too!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
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Okay. Good.


Kiersten said...

I absolutely love love love LOVE The Beatles! I would definitely be okay with having them playing on repeat all day! <3
And good luck!!! I'm sure it'll go great!
<3 Kiersten

Abby said...

Haha, that quote is great! GOOD LUCK!