Awkward & Awesome


::Catching the eye of the person next to you in traffic, and you are both mid-song jam session.
::Shaving your legs, then putting on white pants and realizing you cut the back of your leg.
::Responding with "You too!" when someone says "Bye!" or "See ya later!".
::Placing an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to replace you at your job.
::Getting responses to the job offering from people that you know. HA.
::Being the interview-er!
::Having a conversation with the cat (mind you.. it's never quiet. I'm usually screaming at her to stop scratching something.. and she always meows, or rather loudly moans and groans in response). Then, seeing the neighbors that are walking by, glare towards the house as though someone inside is most certainly being tortured.
::Forgetting to brush your teeth.
::Writing over here.

::Posting an ad, looking for a replacement for your job.
::Dinner dates with best friends.
::Partying of every shape and size.
::Realizing the back of your leg is bleeding through your white pants b e f o r e you leave for work.
::Freeze pops. Yum. Yum. Yum.
::When my boss and students buy freeze pops to have when I'm at the dance studio.
::Finally feeling motivated to run at least three times a week!
::Finding summer clothes on sale.
::New books.
::Getting to see this lovely lady in 9 days!
::Recital weekend chaos. Costumes! Planning! & Practicing! OH MY =]
::Delicious smelling candles from friends! Delicious smelling?! Really Nicole.. does that even work?!

And now (drum roll please)
for the perfect "something" to accompany my Awkward & Awesome post!

Get ready!
Are you ready?!
.. o k a y ..

I'm ready.
Tastefully Offensive / Premium Funny (funny, 

Happy Thursday guys n' gals!
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