Home is wherever I'm with you


This weekend was absolutely fabulous. No stress (surprisingly), lots of food, friends & family that I haven't seen in forever & just some good fun.

Welcome To Our Home
I've chosen some before & after shots for you, along with some from our housewarming party. There is still quite a bit of decorating to be done.. so keep that in mind!
Living Room:

[Still have more to do with this room - vinyl wall decor to come!]

Kitchen/Dining Room:

My Craft Room:
[Most of the kid's rooms were painted every color of the rainbow]


 **Housewarming Party: May 7th, 2011**
(two months after moving in)

For now,  you'll just have to picture that there are green shutters and grass growing and mulch..
 The back deck all set up for the party!
 Where we will probably spend most of the summer - I love camp fires!
 My favorite spring plant!
Best part of the night - campfire =]
 Our neighbors!
 Lots of friends!

Home Sweet Home!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend - we sure did =]
... now I must get back to cleaning up...


Lela said...

i love the changes you made! what a great job you and the boyfriend did!

Kiersten said...

The house looks lovely! I especially love the paint-color choices (particularly the yellow!)
<3 Kiersten

Linka said...

I love the blue and the yellow paint!! You are inspiring me to do some interior design with my house!!