A Trip Like No Other (Ohh.. The Things You'll Find On Your Laptop)


About three years ago, boyfriend and I took a road trip.
Not just any road trip people.
The coolest, most bad ass road trip to date!
This is what we drove & this is where we stayed:
We call it..
"The Baja"
(pronounced: Ba-ha)
And I'm being completely serious.. I wouldn't joke around with you fine people. Okay. Maybe I would.. but not about this. Yes - it has no roof.. Yes - it has no doors.. Yes - there are seatbelts (five point harnesses to be exact - like a roller coaster has!) and Yes.. that's a roll cage..

Since this adventure occurred pre-blog era, I have decided to share some of the highlights with you now!

Dana's sister lives in a very small town in upstate New York. And three summers ago, we had the idea to drive his newly acquired "toy/totally road-legal vehicle" up to visit her.
It was a long (about 6 hours) and very chilly trip. But I thought you said this was in the summer time.. why would it be chilly and why are you wearing sweatshirts in all your photos?!

Welcome to New England.

 I remember the morning we were about to leave. My mother was desperately trying to convince us not to go. The forecast was predicting rain, and the sky was very overcast. (Plus: I'm not sure she completely trusted Dana driving me in this... thing. We had only been dating a year or so, and he's somewhat of a maniac behind any moving object.)
Ugh. Ha Ha. Hi babe. I love you..
 Regardless of the weather, we told her we'd be fine because we brought a tarp and we had plenty of ponchos in our clove box.
: )
I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little when I came across these photos on my laptop today. I hope our upcoming summer is filled with exciting and adventurous trips like this.
Who knows.. maybe we'll take the Baja somewhere?!

 *Exhibit A: Very gloomy skies. Freezing cold. The beginning of our trip*

*The crazy, big wooden chair we found while driving down a very boring road in NY - turned out not so boring*

*Hiking at Salmon Falls - near Pulaski, NY*

*Boyfriend & The Falls*
My most favorite photo from the trip

One night in our cabin...


Anonymous said...

Did I really try to talk you out of it....hmmmmm...maybe just a little. The vehicle really scared me, not Dana"s driving. I'm glad you went, I am glad you had a good time. :-)
Love Mom

Amanda said...

Wowie--that is quite the vehicle. At least you avoided having to roll down the windows to get pictures while you were driving.

The waterfalls are crazy beautiful.

Erin said...

What a sweet blog, I'm your newest follower! Love it.


Kelly said...

Beautiful pics! Love your blog!

Alyssa Danielle said...

Love your blog! So fun :)