I just couldn't resist


dear fork, letterpress card

 dear boyfriend, letterpress card
What are your favorites?!
Kelly, from Kelly & tiramisu shared a few of her favorites today & I just found them so cute & halarious, that I had to include my favorites in a post also! Thanks Kelly.
Happy Friday friends!
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Anna P. said...

haha those are awesome

Amanda said...

These are so funny aren't they?! I saw them linked up on another blog yesterday and I read some at work. Probably not such a good idea since I was laughing hysterically! :)

Kelly said...

I wondered where sporks came from! ;) Glad you liked them!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

these are so funny!! love it.

Erinn said...

gah! these are hilarious!!!

Agordon said...

These are great! Have you seen the one about unicorns and Noah's arc?