A&A newbie


A  w  k  w  a  r  d
- driving boyfriends big truck.
- trying to get in the truck with a fitted, non-stretchable skirt on.
- watching a biker struggle up a hill that is sometimes even difficult to drive up.
- surprise encounters with ex-employees at stop lights.
- UPS & Fedex delivery men.. who come when you're home.. but you don't need to sign.. do you surprise them by answering the door.. pretend your not home.. & then grab the package when they leave?!
- reading "friends" statuses &/or tweets & then wishing you didn't. Seriously.. TMI.
- our goggle cam
- parent observation week at the dance studio. Nuf said.
- when boyfriend shaves his face after a month of rocking the caveman.. & I don't recognize him.

A  w  e  s  o  m  e
- freeze pops.
- eating four or five freeze pops in a row.
- shopping for summer clothes & buying things on sale.
- spontaneous lunch dates with boyfriend.
- my Party Rock glasses (black & pink).. blog appearance to come!
- fresh cut flowers from our own yard.
- sitting with a glass of wine and the windows open after a long day.
- getting orange julius smoothies with my sister.
- babybel chesses. I could eat them for dinner.
- after asking my assistant where we stopped choreographing the recital dance, my little 4 year old dance student sang all the words to "Yellow Submarine" and when she got to the end of the chorus, she looked up with confidence and said, "that's where we are!"
- our grill which is temporarily living in our kitchen.. here we come cookouts with burgers, steak & yummy veggie kabobs.

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Amanda said...

What a great list! I know you are new to the A/A but you are a natural. Maybe you have a lot of awkward and awesome things happening in your life right now :)

I can totally relate to the delivery man conundrum--what do you do? Should I just let him drop off the package and go on his merry way? Last week I answered the door and I caught him completely off guard.

Oh, and I'm like you...I don't need to know that my FB friends kids spit up or something worse. Keep the updates to yourself please.

Freezepops totally remind me of being a kid. My grandma used to have a big box of them in her freezer and before we would go out and play, we used to suck down like two or three each. Did you ever see if you could suck out all the color? That was a popular thing to do in my family. :)

Shellsea said...

Your awkwards made me laugh so hard.

Cute blog - i follow you now.

shellseaoberski.blogspot.com - Giveaway today :)