Weekly Gratitude


At the end of every week [Saturdays for me] I post a list of things that I am grateful for. 
Can be anything and everything. Little or big. Serious or silly. Just reminds us to take a look at our lives and cross off the not-so-good-moments and place a big exclamation mark next to the ones that brought us happiness, peace & love. 
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Friends who send me new music. Thanks Alivia Lynn!
 Quiet moments to myself
Halls drops & dum dums for soothing my scratchy, icky throat
Valentines from my little dance students
Valentines from momma & boyfriend
goofy moments & serious moments
G L E E & Tuesday night tv in general
 Fresh, Spring-like air & how it feels on my skin & in my nose!
Home cooked meals
Thin mints
My Northampton School of Dance jacket =]
Having found the perfect place for boyfriend & I to live!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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