Usually I'm a jealous kind-of-angry when he sleeps in and I have to get up..


On a typical weekday morning, NO. Scratch that. Every morning, I am the first to get out of bed.

My snooze button and my thumb are so well acquainted that I don't even have to be conscience for it anymore. Snooze number one.. two.. three.. cringe (For reasons I don't understand, I would rather set my alarm a half hour earlier than I have to, rather than five or ten minutes before.. weird. I know. Because it doesn't make getting out of bed any easier.)

So the morning routine goes as follows: eyelids struggle to open, no matter how much sleep I've gotten. I reach for the blur which I think are my glasses (I'm blind btw.. no not literally, but close enough). Shuffle around for my slippers, cause there's no way I'm walking on the freezing floor barefoot. And stumble around the bed, which takes up most of the room, to the bathroom (and let me assure you that it's most definitely a stumble, which several times has been the cause of swearing and bruised legs).

Usually, Amber kitty is cuddled somewhere at the bottom of the bed. Either between my legs (makes it so hard to maneuver around.. cause how dare you disturb her!), or under the covers curled up in a ball close to your belly.

For the past two days, my kitty child and kitty daddy have been the cutest little pair. This morning I was smart enough to grab the camera before she moved, and before he realized I had the camera out!

Until now, I've always hated being the first to wake up..

Happy Hump day lovely bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Awe, I love this :) Amber kitty has grown so since I've seen her last!!

stephanie said...

Oh my! I feel ya. I push the snooze button at least 3 times every morning.